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Located in the culturally diverse city of Birmingham in the West Midlands, the curriculum design and live experiences will reflect the needs and opportunities for the student body, creating accessible routes to employment. The course will also explore a broader picture for the creative industries, at national policy level, considering the implications for various stakeholders. CABN Leader, Mary Morrison, can be contacted for advice by individual practitioners, small businesses and arts organisations, as well as groups developing arts related activities including hubs, workspaces, events and festivals. We are the Somerset trade organisation for the arts & culture sector supporting community groups, practitioners & businesses.

  • You will develop the key skills and gain the knowledge to understand global art markets within ever-changing artistic, cultural and economic environments.
  • This will have a live focus, e.g. working in industry on a work experience placement or working with community groups on a live project brief.
  • The History of the Art Market focuses your understanding of past and present art business practices and changes to the art market over the past 400 years.

There was a wide range of students from different backgrounds on the course, which brought a depth of experience to the classes. The facilities at Kingston were excellent, with tutors available to give as much or as little help as needed or wanted. Course leader, Stephanie Dieckvoss, contributed to a panel discussion on art as investment, hosted by Dellasposa Gallery – watch the full discussion in this video.

The successful candidate will develop business plans and have experience in financial management and a passion for the theatre and cultural sector. The Art Business course has been written in consultation with external partners to ensure its value and currency. It has a direct relationship with Ikon gallery and Colmore Business District, ensuring there are live experiences for students in the profit/not-for-profit sectors. CV/application writing; social media and other platforms for self-promotion, presenting yourself and your work professionally using video and various types of presentation software. The first core module will introduce some of the definitions, systems and structures of the creative industries, and key debates that affect the sector and those working in it.

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2 for myself and 3 to send to others in the industry who I know will benefit greatly as I myself have. This book is worth every penny and has blown me away to the point I will be going on Gordon’s training weekends and using his advice to go full-time building the family life I want. I brought the audio book first and was blown away so brought the book so I could reference the the charts etc described in audio. Things that you thought you knew, things that people told you, you knew, and things that you maybe heard, read, forgotten or just plain imagined, you knew.

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We ask that you speak with us as early as you can to enable us to support you. For some of our courses, the selection process may include an interview or audition. Interviews/auditions can take the form of a one-to-one interview, group interview or portfolio review which may be conducted by telephone or as an online call. Arrangements of these are made between the Admissions Department and the applicant. We will assess whether you meet our entry requirements and will notify you of the decision via email.

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If you’re like me; lost, confused, wandering aimlessly along a highway of ‘how the ‘kinel am I going to build my school’, if like me you’re a bit of an idiot then Gordon’s book is an awakening. Customer Reviews, including Product Star Ratings, help customers to learn more about the product and decide whether it is the right product for them. While many partners show clear overlaps in interest or ambition, others display less obvious connections, but still deliver outstanding results.

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Tuition fees cover the cost of your teaching, assessment and operating University facilities such as the library, access to shared IT equipment and other support services. The modules will enhance your business practice skills, and through the research element of the programme, you’ll develop your critical analysis skills as well as detailed knowledge within a chosen specialist area. It also provides art law basics for operating in the art business environment. schools are specialist institutions that are entirely creative. Different from large universities, they focus on creative environments without sharing facilities with other subjects or disciplines.

This would be simply impossible without the generosity of all our partners and supporters. If you would like to make a donation to help us to continue this much needed and valued work, please do click the secure link below. With over 25 years’ experience of teaching and leadership within creative education, Mark is Director of the South Wales Business School at University of South Wales. He is a passionate advocate for the relationship between business and the arts. For one hour we will be joined by our Safeguarding partner Sue Harrison from ‘The Safeguarding Code in Martial Arts’. Sue will be able to answer any questions you may have regarding the Safeguarding Code, including registration, what’s involved and how to access templates.