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Arbours offered a place to shelter from the sun or rain, while fruit trees were prized for their scented blossoms and fruits. Original designs for knot gardens were inspired by Renaissance patterns found on carpets, cushions, carvings and embroidery. Knot gardens are arranged in a square frame with a formal symmetrical design. Gardens have always been key to creating a feeling of home and connecting people to their environment. Charles Quest-Ritson on the irises to plant, the ones you’ll never manage to grow in Britain, and the ones to avoid unless you’re happy for them to take over half of your garden. Subscriptions are automatically set to start with the next available issue to be published, but this can be changed at the basket and checkout steps.

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As well as no dig methods, wildflower meadows and following organic principles to nurture soil health, Kim foresees an uptake in polyculture methods, or ‘free planting,’ as she calls it. This is a super low maintenance form of mixed planting which requires no pesticides or netting and is great for biodiversity. “Smaller gardens can serve multiple functions with a clever use of space.

Use old guttering to plant up strawberries

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All it takes is a little planning and a few clever tricks, and you can turn any garden into a tranquil haven, country retreat or al fresco dining area – even on the smallest budget, as these garden ideas show. Drawing on expert advice from the RHS, this best-selling reference book – organised by colour, size, and type, rather than as an A-Z directory – will help you select the right varieties for your outdoor space. The Practical House Plant Book by the RHS contains a dozen step-by-step projects to help you assemble an eye-catching terrarium, create a floating kokedama ‘string garden’, or propagate succulents. Complete with 175 in-depth plant profiles, this is an essential practical guide for indoor gardeners. Think about how you can turn your outdoor space into a relaxing sanctuary with cosy garden decor and tactile furnishings. Essentially you want to create a living room look, it’s just outdoors rather than inside, so bear this in mind when on the hunt for decor and accessories.

  • The Garden Media group predicts that calming clover green is expected to be a hit among gardeners looking to create a soothing oasis.
  • We aim to enrich everyone’s life through plants, and make the UK a greener and more beautiful place.
  • Residents value activities programmes , but nurses rarely have time to get involved, notably because of the burden of administrative tasks .
  • To add an extra touch of style, and make it feel less budget, paint the seating area in the latest on-trend colours.
  • According to their latest trend report, “planet friendly gardening continues to dominate gardeners’ approach to their plots with scything, fermenting and cut flower growing set to take off.

Keep reading for handy, actionable and practical small garden design ideas (that don’t involve lots of leaving the house and buying stuff because, well, social distancing). Plus, we’ve rounded up the best products available to order straight to your door– no trips to the garden centre necessary. This clever fairy light idea is made using a kitchen staple, the Kilner jar, and a set of solar-powered lights. Powered by all day by the sun these dainty lights will cast a pretty glow over gardens after dark.

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So use evergreen shrubs at the end of each border and as punctuation along the way. Include small shrubs such as box balls, or large evergreens, for example mahonia, for bigger areas. Gardening has great perks, from delicious home-grown produce to being a great form of exercise. But it also does a world of good for our mental health, as evidenced in recent books The Well Gardened Mind and Losing Eden.

Add instant colour with bedding plants

There are plenty of simple updates that can be achieved on a budget, and which make a huge difference to the appearance of your outdoor space. Whether it’s a small garden, a patio or a balcony garden, there are plenty of budget garden ideas to boost your space. Make use of fences and walls by planting upwards to maximise space and buy hanging baskets . The most important thing to remember is that just because you have a small garden, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it and make the most of it.

They’re, firstly, normally a lot cheaper—you can normally pick them up for less than £2. People tend to over water their plants massively, especially succulents. Realistically, this time of year, they only need to drink about once a week. Don’t let the water hang around in the pot and get all manky, as it will kill it.