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If a simple, cheap set of speakers is all you require, but you don’t want to compromise too much on quality and volume, the Creative T20s are the way to go. A remote is always a nice extra, while Bluetooth connectivity makes it easy to connect laptops, tablets and phones. There’s also no denying that the Companion 2’s do generate a very agreeable and usefully loud sound. Bose never gives RMS power outputs for its speakers but I measured peaks of 87dB at 1m distance. The soundstage is very wide and detailed and there’s much more bass than you’d expect from a system this small, although not much more than you get from cheaper rival systems like the Creative T60.

Creative’s new T60 desktop speakers are among the cheapest PC speakers you can buy that offer truly decent sound quality, instead of producing a noise that’s barely better than your laptop speakers. It’s hard to quantify something as subjective as audio quality, but the physical build quality of a set of PC speakers can often be a good indication. Cheaper speakers that are housed in a lightweight plastic “cabinet” tend to vibrate as you start to pump up the volume, causing distortion that affects the sound quality.

As a home studio setup is the focus of the design, PreSonus has packed some mighty and clean 3.5 drivers to deliver a bouncy bass response. Accuracy is key with the audio, so what you hear will be what the original sound designer wanted you to. They are tuned to negate room acoustics, meaning that they’ll kick a decent noise out in a room of any size. Generally speaking all Edifier Studio range speakers will provide a decent HiFi quality sound with easy use and easy connections to your computer. These types of PC speakers put music first with high quality amplifiers, digital to analogue audio converters built in and some even have a separate subwoofer for extra bass.

They pack a powerful punch, too; you’re unlikely to need to push them above 50% volume while at your desk watching a film or listening to a playlist. 2.1 speakers – When a subwoofer is added to stereo audio to take care of the bass frequencies, a 2.0 speaker becomes 2.1. For most people listening to music, gaming or watching films on their PC, this setup will be the easiest to arrange while still providing a great audio experience.

Sound is vital when you want a complete experience from your PC, whether it is for playing games, streaming shows, or simply getting receiving your notifications. The problems that may occur on your computer can be hardware-related, software glitches, or just some new updates or setups. Whatever is the case with you, don’t worry, it is common to have these kinds of issues with your computer. That should help you decide which option is best for you out of all the choices currently available, and computer speakers are no different. Note that on most computers & Mac’s etc you’ll want to go into the audio settings and change the audio output to the external speakers before you’ll hear sound through your new PC speakers.

All faulty items must be returned complete and will be repaired under the manufacturer’s warranty. With a Bose® multimedia speaker system, you can turn your computer into a home entertainment centre. Bose® proprietary technologies give you astonishingly full sound and natural performance. Chillblast also offers an additional three years of warranty coverage after your collect-and-return package expires.