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programing language

Scripting interpreted or compiled language. Visual language with symbolic icons. Successor of POP-1 and adopted by POP-eleven. Functional, impressed by Lisp and ALGOL 60. To add logical processing to a procedural language.

Follows a “precept of least surprise”, every thing must be intuitive. Multi-paradigm, object oriented for scripting and web apps.

String processing, stemming algorithms, compiled to C or Java. By Rob Pike at Google to manage log information of its servers. Stanford Artificial Intelligence Language. Based on an associative reminiscence or records, events, contexts. Bell Laboratories, John Chamber.

RPL, ROM-based mostly Procedural Language. Language for calculators just like Forth. Rebol, Relative Expression Based Object Language. Dynamic language with numerous predefined varieties. Version three.0 is open source in 2012.


Experimental to combine useful with concurrency and OO. Mixal, Mix Assembly Language. For the Mix computer of Donald Knuth.

Named after the language imagined by Orwell. Port to the JVM (and first to be so) of the Rexx scripting language used at IBM. Named after a fictious character. Functional, OO and imperative. Compile to bytecode for its own virtual machine.

  • PHP (which stands for Hypertext Preprocessor, if you care to know) is often used in conjunction with dynamic knowledge-heavy websites and app development.
  • Both C and C++ are used broadly and commonly, additionally these are thought-about high-performance languages.
  • It offers a ton of power and is the beating heart of monster sites like WordPress and Facebook.
  • What’s really cool about PHP is that it is an open-source language, so there are tons of free pre-built modules that you could seize and modify to get your perfect results.

Subsets have been implemented. Interpreted, dynamic for scripting, its murky syntax let it called “read-only language”. OpenEdge ABL. OpenEdge Advanced Business Language. English-like syntaxe and OO with DB management instructions.

Implementation of PL/I, was utilized by US military. C-like, for scripting embedded in a C or C++ app.

Scripting language originally an extension to C, now standalone. LINC 4DL. Predecessor of EAE and AB Suite, two code mills by Unisys.

Rust, pink hair in old English. Concurrent language by Mozilla Labs impressed of C and LLJS and improved for security. Alternative to Go, LLVM based.

By Academia of Sciences of Russia. Logical Language for the Representation of Synthesis Algorithms.

Plan9 command language shell, ported further to Unix. Lisp-like designed to be developped by the programmer. Language and surroundings for statistical computation and graphics. Derived from the S language it is just like Scheme.

Quick & Easy To Learn

By Rob Pike at Bell Labs, who further will make Go, one other concurrent language. Derived from Squeak, it eases to make GUIs.