Email and internet searching

You might also decide to go for wireless or mobile broadband. For wireless broadband you need to buy a router – or you might get one from your ISP as part of your service package. Remember, your computer or laptop must also be wireless enabled. All local and mobile libraries have computers with free internet access – you can book half hour or hourly sessions. Contact your local library for more information about this free service.

  • The action removes temporary glitches, so it might restore the connection.
  • Type whatever you want to search for, say ‘Tesco online’ or ‘Diabetes advice’, and press the Enter key or click on the ‘Google Search’ button or magnifying glass icon.
  • Sometimes changes in their system negatively impact multiple customers, disrupting the strength of their connection.
  • The good news is that you can restore your access by tweaking a few settings on your PC or
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