Low maintenance gardening ideas for your holiday home

Extensive distance learning course in horticulture for the most serious home gardeners. One of the best online gardening courses – learn to identify and successfully grow a large variety of plants. ADL offers a diverse selection of gardening courses, including growing your own veg, fruit or flowers, home propagation and becoming a home garden expert. Plan planting carefully so crops provide food all year round, particularly during the ‘lean seasons’ when vegetables and fruits are in short supply. First, stack stones, potsherds or bark mulch at the bottom of the box.

  • The leaves and fruits of many trees can make a vital contribution to family nutrition.
  • SLA began a gardening project in the schools of four communities, involving the teachers, pupils and parents’ associations.
  • Recently, SLA has started a community and family gardens project, working mainly with existing grass roots organisations.
  • Steer clear of bedding plants that may try to
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