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CRA-WP aims to widen participation and improve access, opportunities, and positive experiences of individuals from groups underrepresented in computing. With a focus on community building, career mentoring, information sharing, and effecting systemic change for post-secondary research computing pathways, CRA-WP supports several leadership development opportunities. Opportunities in computing and information science and engineering call for strategic approaches to develop the next generation of workforce expertise.

  • This module is about understanding the fundamentals and common applications of antennas and radar systems.
  • Typical offers are based on the General Access Grade in the Panhellenics and range from 16.5 to 19.0 depending on the course applied for.
  • We are able to consider HNC/HND qualifications in Engineering disciplines for entry into the first year of our course.
  • If you wish to practice your profession outside the United Kingdom, you are advised to confirm that the UK professional qualification you seek is valid in the country
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