7 increasingly sophisticated 2020 technology trends

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We are currently in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution with many developments in the field of technology increasing. Several important discoveries are marked by the existence of the Internet of Things, machine learning, to Artificial Intelligence which makes human life easier.
The existence of a 5G network
Many have been waiting for the existence of a 5G network, because of several beneficial aspects such as a more stable connection and super-fast upload and download speeds. In Indonesia itself, the existence of a 5G network is only limited to testing, because it is still hampered by limitations and expensive infrastructure.
The computer can identify faces
The existence of sensors that can read faces on mobile phones has become commonplace that many of us encounter. However, in the next year, the same is likely to be applied to personal computers (PCs). Many technologies adopt the power of face sensors because they are considered safer than pin security systems.
The existence of electric and unmanned vehicles
2019 is the year when electric vehicles have emerged. Not only electric vehicles, but more than that several vehicle brands also offer autonomous vehicles. Autonomous vehicles are vehicles that can move without a crew. Some of the brands that have offered this technological sophistication include Tesla, Alphabet, and Waymo. The vehicle can carry out its function of automatic braking, automatic driving, adjusting the system in the car, and making changes to the path it is traveling on. The market also welcomes this innovation and maybe next year this technology trend will be more and more adopted by other companies by issuing similar products.
Accurate personal health care application
Currently, you can easily find personal health services through health applications. Through this application, you can take advantage of several services, such as asking the doctor directly, buying medicine, arranging appointments with doctors to get health tips. For this convenience, making health applications more personal.
It is predicted that next year this health service will also be popular, as happened in 2019, some of its services may even increase.
Human Augmentation
Perhaps this word human augmentation is foreign to your ears. It should be explained that human augmentation is a research field that aims to improve human capabilities through technology and medicine. Through the human augmentation process, you can improve your thinking skills, make decisions, and strengthen your physique. The process itself can be done by placing implants in the body or you can also use glasses, binoculars, and others.
The emergence of AI products is increasingly prevalent
One of the AI ​​products that have highlighted the world’s attention is the Sophia robot. This robotic grip can communicate directly with humans, can feel happy and sad emotions, and can sing. It is predicted that in 2020 technology trends, other artificial intelligent products will continue to increase in the next year.
Service automation
Some automation services that do not involve a human presence such as the Amazon Go store in America. Amazon Go has eliminated the need for a cashier profession and changed the experience of buyers in the process of buying goods. Users only need to use the Amazon Go application to enter stores, buy products, and search for other products without having to queue at the checkout.