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A ‘C’ program contains various functions that are a part of a library. We can add our features and features to the library.

UNCOL, Universal Computer Oriented Language. First idea for an intermediate language for a digital machine.


These languages are widely used in varied applied sciences. Thus, ‘C’ forms a base for many other languages that are at present in use. 4GL means for fourth technology specialised language. Informix is specialized in databases and reports.

Created by Facebook to simplify queries instead of SQL. They takes the form of a JavaScript object. A new DataBase question language which is not SQL. He desires to retailer more logic in the database and simplify the queries.

  • Lisp is one of the oldest and the most popular suited programming languages for Artificial Intelligence (AI) growth.
  • It can process symbolic knowledge effectively.
  • It was developed by John McCarthy, the father of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in 1958.

We can access and use these capabilities anytime we wish in our program. This feature makes it simple whereas working with complicated programming.

It is utilized in growing an working system. Operating techniques such as Apple’s OS X, Microsoft’s Windows, and Symbian are developed utilizing ‘C’ language. It is used for growing desktop as well as cell phone’s working system. Languages corresponding to C++/Java are developed from ‘C’.

Many compilers are available for executing applications written in ‘C’. Another characteristic of ‘C’ programming is that it could extend itself.

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SGML, Standard Generalized Markup Language. Precusort to XML for human readable knowledge storage. 2011 by the Eclipse Foundation to ease Java, makes improvements, such as eradicating semicolons, a robust swap as in Scriptol. Development plateform and C-like language devoted to electronics.