How To Build A Computer In 5 Easy Steps

how to build a computer

With the standoffs in place, it is time to screw in the motherboard. Orient it so that the I/O ports line up properly with the I/O defend, then decrease the motherboard until it is resting on the standoffs. Most cases have a peg that fits up by way of a hole within the heart of the motherboard, so if you have it correctly positioned, it should now be locked into place. Once the motherboard is in place, set up and tighten the screws down—and don’t overtighten, just tight sufficient that things are safe. Your case ought to’ve include a box or bag filled with screws, zip-ties, and other odds and ends you may use for set up.

Find the motherboard standoffs—these are often gold, and the bottom halves of the standoffs are threaded, while the highest halves are screw holes that you will be screwing the motherboard into. (Note that … Read More