The Best Brand of Computer Speakers with Premium Audio Features

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Computer Speakers

Computer Speakers is one of the computer hardware that plays an important role in producing sound or audio. The use of a speaker will certainly make the computer function more perfect. In addition, without computer speakers, of course, a PC or laptop cannot produce sound.

That is why, there are so many computer speaker products that are sold in the market with various specifications. However, you should also know that good computer speakers are speakers that can produce clear and detailed sound so that your activities in watching movies or playing games are more exciting.

For that, for those of you who are looking for the best computer speakers with advanced specifications, keep reading the following reviews.

Logitech G G560

You could say, Logitech is a special brand of computer equipment that is the most popular and has premium quality. One of its quality products is a computer speaker with the Logitech G G560 series.

If you want clear, detailed and jarring sound then this speaker is for you. This computer speaker has Logitech G Light Sync technology which can balance the light according to the game or music being played.
In addition, there is an RGB light feature with 16.8 million colors that will make it even more stunning. This computer speaker is priced at an affordable price, which is IDR 2,800,000.

Edifier M3280BT

Design is one of the important considerations when buying a computer speaker. However, the quality and specifications are also very important when you want to buy a speaker. To know more about art you can visit this site yoga-ez

The Edifier M3280BT brand speaker can fulfill all your desires because it has slick audio quality and a modern minimalist design. Not only that, this best computer speaker has a 2.1 subwoofer technology and two satellites. There is also the latest version of Bluetooth which will make it easier for you to listen to music or play games.

Razer Nommo Chroma

There are many advanced and new features that you will get from this computer speaker from Razer. Starting from a fairly compact design, the sound is so detailed, clear, and the bass boom is very good.

Moreover, it has RGB lights that are capable of producing 16.8 million colors under the speaker. Cool again, the Razer Nommo Chroma body is made of premium materials so it looks elegant and exclusive.

Sonicgear EVO 5 BTMI

The next recommendation for computer speakers is the Sonicgear EVO 5 BTMI brand. This speaker has a 2.1 format design and has a beautiful animated graphic display.

While the subwoofer itself has 3 control parts, namely treble, volume, and bass. For power consumption, the subwoofer on this computer speaker only uses 18 watts and the satellite uses 8 watts each.

Microlab T10

For those of you who want computer speakers with a solid design and sophisticated specifications, the Microlab T10 is the best recommendation. This speaker has two satellite speakers that deliver crisp sound and a new version of the subwoofer.

What’s more, there is bluetooth connectivity, bass and treble controllers located on the subwoofer make this the best speaker suitable for gamers. The RGB lights themselves are easy to set up and have a pretty attractive blue color.

Those are some of the best computer speaker recommendations with advanced specifications that you can use as references. Which computer speakers catch your eye?