What Is A Programming Language?

programing language

Has impressed ABC, predecessor of Python, and transmitted the idea of tuples. Educational language developed by MIT consisting of blocks to be assembled. The same precept was used for the OpenBlocks Java library. To write concise code Java suitable. Implements many new concepts.

Object oriented, extensible language which goals to be clean and straightforward for novices. Inspired by APL, array processing language for financial apps. Functional interpreted (via LLVM) language based on term rewriting. Proteus, PROcessor for TExt Easy to USe. Functional for string processing.

The syntax encourage structured programming. Java-like language designed to syntactically encourage good coding practices and discouraging dangerous habits. Compile to bytecode for the JVM. Modula with coroutines, wish to be a system and software language.

For scientific computing, very quick on LLVM. A program can modify its own code. Microsoft’s dialect of ECMAScript. Similar to JavaScript, with out the Java name for trademark issues. IPL, Information Processing Language.

In 2002 version a lazy practical language. Pascal-like imperative for verifiable applications.

Functional language inspired by ISWIM. Functional language, has inspired Haskell. Programming mannequin close to reactive programming, the place directions are equations where variables are interconnected processors. Game programming in 3D with OpenGL in backend. By Mozilla, typed dialect of JavaScript near C, and compiled to JS.


  • Python takes brief advancement time in comparison to different programming languages like Java, C#, C++, and Ruby.
  • Artificial Intelligence scientists have developed a number of specific pc programming languages for synthetic intelligence (AI).
  • It supports practical, object-oriented as well as process-oriented styles of programming.
  • But studying and coding are more advanced than different programming languages.
  • The execution of this system is greatly improved in comparison with different programming languages.

S/SL, Syntax/Semantic Language. SOAP, Symbolic Optimal Assembly Program. OO, dynamic and reflexive, inspired other languages as Objective-C.

First in listing processing but changed by Lisp. IDL, Interactive Data Language. A descriptive language impressed by Fortran and C utilized in science.

Superset to JavaScript by Microsoft, with static types, lessons and modules. Open source beneath Apache license. By Apple for its OS in the objective to replace Objective-C by a safer and quicker language. Another language has the same name.

It is crucial and OO language function full. Another C-like designed to discover new types of expressiveness in applications. Graphical language, block are moved to build an application. Subset of JavaScript which runs faster. It is implemented by Mozilla.

Fully object oriented, it was created for the Newton device. Visual language by the Russian space program, to precise knowledge to perform a goal.

Logic programming, in declarative form. C-like, interpreted, dynamic, OO, with advanced knowledge type. Pascal, after the name of a French mathematician.

Quick & Easy To Learn

Scripting language intended to provide the velocity of compiled program. Procedural language with database functions. By Microsoft as an alternative choice to Java and derived from C++ too.

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